Boney M.

The group from Germany was created by producer Frank Farian in 1975 and was composed of four West Indian artists working in London, Germany and the Netherlands: singers Marcia Barrett and Liz Mitchell, model Maizie Williams and DJ Bobby Farrell. Boney M is noted for the mix of white and black music—the producer Farian is white and the singers are black; significantly many songs are black (freedom) songs, for example "No More Chain Gang" in the album Oceans Of Fantasy. Farian first released the single "Baby Do You Wanna Bump?" in 1975, under the name Boney M. He performed the sparse vocals of the song himself. The song went on to become a hit and it was then that Farian decided to hire a team of dancers and vocalists to 'front' the group. The line-up of the group went through numerous changes, Maizie Williams being the only original member that remained. Not satisfied with merely miming to Farian's songs, one of the members, Claudja Barry, left on short notice in February 1976 - days before the group was scheduled to appear on a local television gig in Saarbruecken. Liz Mitchell, then an unemployed singer and formerly a member of the Les Humphries Singers, was brought in as a temporary replacement for the gig under the recommendation of Marcia Barrett. Farian was impressed with her performance, and she went on to record Boney M's first LP, Take The Heat Off Me. Farian had previously recorded some songs with Marcia Barrett, the other vocalist of the group. A couple of the ...

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